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Victory Grips


When we met Victory Grips, their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was nowhere close to where it needed to be. We offered to do a free and fast audit, making recommendations on what might help. Appreciative of our ideas and lean in, Victory Grips opted in for a 3-month subscription to see if we could make an impact.


We started with a messaging workshop, helping us all get on the same page. Here, we explored what was and wasn't working, challenged current assumptions, and created new hypotheses. We took the messaging framework, updated the messaging pillars, and built a custom dashboard that would help us quickly identify and prove: which messages paired with which creative would impact which parts of the funnel and deliver against their KPIs. We sprinted by producing new content and optimizing existing content based upon our new strategy.


After 3 months, we had brought their ~$28 CPA down to $8 while cutting their advertising budget by more than half. After 6 months, their CPA was consistently sitting sub $3 – not to mention we started seeing ROAS in the 40s on key ads, not to mention 20+ ROAS across all campaigns.


Because of our tremendous impact on both the top and bottom line, Victory Grips has increased and expanded their subscription with us so we can become more holistically integrated into their business beyond ads. We now have the ability to take these advertising insights and apply them across their entire digital and physical ecosystems, to make sure they're working together to build a long-lasting, profitable brand.

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"We've been extremely successful with the ads

keeping it within our budget

and having phenomenal results."

- Wendy Pellegrino, Victory Grips Co-Founder

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