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The Myers-Briggs Co.


For many years, the Myers-Briggs Co. has been a leader at bringing personality insights into the workplace. In addition to competing for market share against B2B competition, B2C competition continued to rapidly emerge. They knew it was time to reposition their flagship product, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (the MBTI) from primarily B2B to B2C to stay competitive. And they needed our help to do it. ​


We worked collaboratively with their internal team, filling talent and capacity gaps, to make this pivot. We began by revamping the brand's messaging, tone of voice, and visual identity to become more approachable in the B2C space. From here, we redesigned their product's website, updating the UX, UI, and content. What once led as a product targeting business leaders and managers was now a product accessible to everyone.


Finally, a product with personality – speaking like a human and simplifying the experience, making it easier to care about and use.


"It truly does feel more like a partnership [with Jumpsuit]...

somebody that's embedded in your team

and less someone that's there in a transactional capacity to knock out a deliverable, you know? They are people you want in the trenches with you."

- Woody Selick, MBTI Product Manager

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