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Instead of investing most of their ads budget into a single television spot with a campaign that gets shoehorned into digital, how could we help CPG brands get more digital content, faster and more affordably? More so, could the fast and powerful data we learn from digital influence future TV spots and ad campaigns?


The content sprint: making as many assets as possible within the timeframe and budget. We worked with multiple brands to understand their business goals, priority product SKUs, messaging, etc. and created a bunch of stuff for testing. Not only would these assets provide valuable data, the brands had so much more content to use across their owned platforms: website SEO, emails, organic social, etc.


A ridiculous amount of assets in two months (videos, infographics, landing pages, etc.) and tons of data. (NDA, sorry)


"Whatever you did was magical."

- Amy H. Brand Director Marketing, E-Commerce, Partnerships CPG

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