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Millennials are moving to cities in droves, each with their own unique definition of what makes a neighborhood and a home "the perfect fit." What technology could we build that would make the process of finding "their place" turnkey while benefitting realtors in the process?


We built a custom algorithm that would pair you to a place that might be a perfect fit and hyperlocal content to help validate the match -- without you ever having to step foot in that place. Our SEO-rich hyperlocal content would help answer questions and provide a more accurate view (the positives and the negatives) of a place before committing to a big move.


This MVP for our beta city (Denver, Colorado) went through the Techstars accelerator. This project opened doors to helping other cities solve awareness and retention challenges, like Cincinnati, Ohio.


"What ya'll had to say about different neighborhoods was so on point (and hilarious!). As someone transitioning to Denver as we speak, it's seriously my favorite of all the resources that I have found about this city."

- Natalie H. Denver Transplant

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