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The Cincinnati Experience


Cincinnati is an incredible city with lots to offer. The problem? Not a lot of people know about it. Our challenge: help attract people to visit Cincinnati, move here, and want to stay once they do.


In addition to supporting positioning and campaign efforts, our biggest success was an organic one. We started out by taking over CX's Instagram channel, which had about 3,000 followers and no clear strategy for its purpose or growth. Our approach: make "CX" mean something by posting one unique Cincinnati Experience per day.  We developed and implemented a user generated content strategy that took off! Now that we had an audience and their attention, we worked with city-wide partners to help create a cohesive, city-wide positioning, look, tone, and feel.


We went from around 3k followers to over 20k+ and counting – without any paid advertising dollars – just a clear mission and good ol' fashioned best practices. Locals and non-locals began using the account like a bucket list, finding reasons to visit and to stay. @cincyexperience was soon ranked on a top 10 best Cincinnati Instagram accounts to follow list. And, more importantly, we began seeing local sentiment improve and national awareness increase from a previous reputation study.

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"I truly believe that [Jumpsuit's] work single-handedly catalyzed the Cincinnati brand. They created the distinctive look, feel, and voice that separate the Cincinnati Region from a se of sameness in the Midwest. They gave Cincinnati the vibe and emotional appeal it was lacking."

- Susan Lomax, CX Executive Director

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