Twitter partnered with the Harris Poll to better understand how marketers perceive and use social data. Working hand in hand with our friends at Dfuzr, we helped turn this Harris Poll's data into nearly endless content opportunities.


Content at scale – all from a single source. After mining the Harris Poll data, we identified and pitched powerful storytelling opportunities. We created a content calendar to map out what we'd make, when we'd make it, what format it would take, where it would live, when it'd go live, how we'd measure performance – everything we needed for clarity, execution, and accountability. From here, we worked collaboratively with their team to get content made. Some pieces we made, (like the report and e-book), while Twitter took a crack at other pieces internally. We'd provide creative direction and editorial support to their internal team, ensuring brand cohesion throughout. Together, we divided and conquered.


Our ability to turn raw data from a single source into nearly limitless pieces of content dramatically increased the ROI of the Harris Poll research. Not only was Twitter able to create a more robust content experience for their Twitter Data website, they were able to provide their partners (like Brandwatch and Sprinklr) with all sorts of new content options to help communicate the power of Twitter Data to brands. This project was so successful that they've decided to invest in an annual Twitter Data report with content at scale.


"Do you want to work at Twitter??"

- Mark Callahan, Lead Product Marketing Manager at Twitter

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