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Taking the Leap: New Year’s Resolutions from 3 Jumpsuiters

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

(Whether or not they keep them is another story.)

It’s time to celebrate the onslaught of a new year already? Jeez. Where does the time go? When will we ever recoup all those quarantined months? Next thing you’ll be telling us is that it’s already time for another presidential election (*shudder*).

Well, in the meantime, we might as well make some New Year’s resolutions. Even if you don’t keep them, pretending that you’re going to greet the new year with ambition, positivity, and gusto is a fun game to play.

Will this be the year you finally learn to tap dance? Start your podcast? Stop using curse words and eating sugar? Commit to keeping the center console of your car clean? (Yeah, right.)

Even if your annual goals are lofty, try writing them down. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even accidentally accomplish one or two of them. Or at least revisit the list next December and get a good laugh (throwback to those 2020 resolutions, amirite?).

And what about your professional goals?

Is 2022 the year for you to get that new job? The one that makes you… happy?! Fulfilled? Satisfied? Or at least less burnt out?

Even if we collectively agree that time isn’t real, the custom of setting new goals for the upcoming year may keep us focused and on track for acquiring some variety of personal success. Success, of course, is subjective. Whether you get a tangible promotion, accomplish a measurable achievement, or simply engage in a long awaited experience or joyous behavior, we hope your New Year is fruitful and gratifying.

We spoke with some Jumpsuiters about their own New Year’s resolutions for 2022, both personal and professional. Read on to explore what’s on their mind.

Matthew Smith, Director of Business Development at Jumpsuit

“I'm aspiring to be a more encouraging person toward others and to act in gracious ways toward those who seem overwhelmed by life,” says Matthew.

Plus he’s training to complete two triathlons in 2022. So ambitious!

“Professionally, I'd like to help create more jobs at Jumpsuit by growing our existing accounts. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping to create jobs and opportunities,” he tells us.

Overall, Matthew is grateful and excited for upcoming opportunities in 2022. “I've found that the gift of opportunity, whether in business or personal life, is exciting to me,” he explains. “Not everyone has the opportunity for good and challenging experiences, but next year appears to be full of them for me.”

Matthew has also recently joined a new church and is grateful for the opportunities to “care for his soul in 2022,” which is a high priority for him.

Chris Molnar, Content Director at Jumpsuit

This past year, Chris tried to mix up his usual daily writing exercises by changing the prompts to all be poetry-based. “This resolution successfully confirmed that I’m not a poet,” he confessed.

He’s happy simply to get back to his “old prosaic (writing) practices” in 2022.

Professionally speaking, Chris hopes to help Jumpsuit try new things — and do old things better than ever. Specifically, he plans to “strengthen relationships with clients, get them excited about new possibilities, and blow them away with deliverables.”


Elizabeth Ireland, Producer at Jumpsuit

Elizabeth “believes that intention setting is important,” so she’s never mad about the excuse to do so around the New Year. Her personal resolution for 2022 is to be more intentional about making time with friends.

“The pandemic made me so lazy about making plans, and I want to change that,” she tells us. “Another thing I’m excited about in 2022 is running my first marathon (on the coast of Lake Superior, to boot!).”

Dang, these Jumpsuiters are fit, eh?

Elizabeth also hopes to be more intentional about her time professionally, “taking the initiative to better get to know the incredible humans I work with every day” and expand her network.

If your New Year’s resolutions include working for yourself, having more free time to pursue hobbies and creative endeavors — and work with a bunch of like-minded weirdos to produce kickass work, Jumpsuit may be able to help you accomplish those goals.

Who knows? This just might be your year to take the leap into the wild world of freelancing.

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