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Become part of the largest producer network on the planet



The producer economy is a marketplace built around creators, influencers, and solopreneurs with producers at the helm. Historically, producers are the people who are responsible for managing the entire scope of a project, including its budget, timeline, and resources. With the rise of social platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as tons of emerging monetization platforms for individuals, producers are quickly becoming the preferred option for making things happen.


You can find producers across all types of industries: digital producers, film producers, music producers, event producers... but the one thing they have in common is their unique ability to manage large budgets, oversee huge projects, and put people into action. 

A good producer knows how to make the most out of their resources. They are agile and well adept at thinking on their feet. They know that while plans are necessary, there will always be curveballs and unexpected circumstances that require them to quickly pivot. 

The best producers are resourceful and inspirational. They know how to get what they need and how to keep everyone motivated and clear on what and how things need to get done.

With the rise of social and monetization platforms and a low barrier of entry for anyone to start a business, we're quickly entering a world in which the most well-known and profitable businesses won't be started by corporations – they'll be started by individuals.

We now have an entire generation who's #1 goal is to grow up to be content creators. And, as these creators find success in building large audiences, they realize that monetizing these audiences isn't far behind. 

Through these creators, brands have faster access to entire segments of people faster and cheaper than ever before. Over time, the smartest, most ambitious creators begin to realize that free swag and $500 content isn't the only opportunity that exists for them.

Depending on their niche, they can launch DT2 e-commerce brands, create SaaS products, or open brick and mortars. And, overnight, they can have pre-sales, waitlists, and lines down the street for blocks. Why? Because of their audience.

They'll realize that, in order to truly capitalize on their opportunities, they'll need producers to help manage all of the moving pieces so they can continue doing what they love – creating.

From branding to social media to marketing to hiring and more – producers are perfectly positioned to come alongside these future business owners and make things happen.

Overtime, startups and corporations will realize that their competition isn't who they've always thought it was (ie – other startups and corporations like them) – it's individuals.

The future of business, as we see it, are individuals powered by their audience – and the world's best producers.


1. Productive: always finding efficient and effective ways to get shit done

2. Resourceful: knows how to make things work with the resources they have

3. Curious: has an insatiable drive to try new things and learn new skills

4. Communicates: has a unique ability to make things clear, actionable, and inspirational for all involved

5. Entrepreneurial: is uniquely gifted at spotting opportunities and has a decreased aversion to risk


We've always said that producers are the most valuable role in our company and will be the future success of our business. Therefore, we're on a mission to build the largest, most epically badass network of producers on the planet. 

Beyond that, we're in the process of building a SaaS product that will:

1. help you become even more awesome at what you do

2. give you opportunities to monetize your knowledge and experience

3. turn you into a recognizable creator yourself, if that's what you want to do

To stay informed about opportunities at Jumpsuit or to be one of the first ones to try our technology for free, join our waitlist and we'll be in touch!

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