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Welcome to the Producer Economy: the "unicorns" and "rockstars" we try to lure

If you don't know what a producer is, you can start by thinking of them a glorified Project Manager. With a twist. The twist is typically a strategic or creative superpower. They're typically organized and can manage themselves. They can lead clients and inspire a team. And because of their ability to not just plan, but actually execute, producers can feel like a rare breed. That's why, once a business finds one, they never want to let it go. Or, they'll spend the rest of their lives trying to find another one.

Have you noticed the rage on the internet when companies try to hire people to do three jobs in one? Sometime's it's because leaders are wildly out of touch. Sometimes it's because they're greedy. But likely, it's because they came across a unicorn once who changed the game for them and their business. PSA: don't overwork your people, and pay them what they're worth.

Another way to wrap your head around producers is by looking at Hollywood. It's the producer that makes things happen. They hold the vision, secure and manage the budget, hire the cast and crew, own the schedule, and make all the shots. They're the big kahuna.

So, with this context, here are three predictions we'd like to make about producers and the future of work.

Prediction # 1: Producers will eliminate the need for project management tools. If you think about it, companies like Asana and are designed to do two things: people management and task management. "James, do this thing, by Thursday."

But you know what kind of people need a project manager most? Junior to mid-level talent. The exact roles that AI threatens to replace.

Put simply: we're entering a world where we won't need project managers as much. And, consequently, project management tools. Instead, tools like Jauntboards will emerge with the ability to quickly align teams on a vision, a process, and have everything they need to execute – including AI and humans. Thus, creating a new model for how work will get done.

Prediction # 2: Projects will get done by producers, powered by AI and the independent network.

Initiatives that used to take multiple departments will soon be a team of just 1, 2, or 3 — who will all be orchestrated by Jauntboards.

Producers will get a problem to solve. Use Jauntboards to identify a best process, use AI to get 50-75% of the work done in minutes. And then roll up their sleeves to add the human touch – or tap specialists as needed. Very soon, Jauntboards will make it easy to search for the right person in-house, or externally.

This takes resourcing to a whole new level. Producers will simply decide:

– Can I do this part myself? – Will I do this with AI? – Or will I resource a human?

At Jumpsuit, we've been operating with producers at the helm for the past seven years. This allowed us to cut out the Account Executives and Project Managers that every big agency relies on. Our POV was that these roles existed to mirror the corporate structure, only to produce middle men that got in the way of the ones actually doing the work. Further, they don't actually produce anything other than happy clients and projects that got done on time. Important things, nonetheless, but we had a hypothesis about that. We suspected that using producers as the main point of contact would actually make for happier clients (because clients like to work directly with the ones doing the work) and that projects would get done better, faster, and cheaper because producers can also execute. And boy were we right. For the first time – clients could have all three.

Prediction # 3: Producers will come from all kinds of backgrounds.

They'll be consultants. Digital strategists. CMOs. Many of them will be project managers who always felt they had more to offer but had to stay in their lane.

They'll become embedded in-house, across various teams and disciplines. You'll find more of them leading agenct work or going out on their own as freelancers.

Here's one more prediction for you. The next "Hubspot Experts" will be "Jauntboards Producers." What Hubspot did was brilliant, by the way. Their market penetration created such high demand for platform experts that these people weren't limited to working for Hubspot. The "Hubspot Expert" became a new role entirely across many organizations. We suspect a similar thing happening with producers and Jauntboards. Because, across the board, everyone's looking to scale back teams, power them with AI, and tap a more flexible, network – and Jauntboards was designed to bring it all together in one place. And producers are going to be the ones that make this happen.

Identify with this persona? Start playing around with Jauntboards for free.

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