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Here's a sign to do what you love

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed, times are pretty weird right now. Like, where’d everybody go?

The Great Resignation has claimed thousands of formerly employed people, sweeping them into the shadows and leaving companies wondering, “Huh?” Did everybody move to a secret bunker, where they’re just gorging themselves on avocado toast rations and binging Squid Game (again) and reruns of Seinfeld? When are they coming back? Are they?

They forgot to set their OOO email responder and we’re a bit worried about their well being.

Or maybe everyone’s doing great. Perhaps all of those thousands of people who left or haven’t returned to their pre-pandemic grind are doing just swell. It turns out that abandoning stressful commutes and office drama might actually be beneficial to people’s mental and emotional health. Maybe all of these ex-employees have taken their quarantine time to do some soul searching and, once free will kicked back in, they opted out.

If this pesky pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that your time is yours. Do with it what you want. We’ve stared boredom in the face. We’ve resisted toxic positivity, insisting that our minutes can and should be spent productively.

And we’re, perhaps, better people now because of it.

And this, friends, is where we’d guess all those people went. They’re pursuing what they love. Exploring their passions. Refusing to renew their subscription to their former jobs that left them unfulfilled (and underpaid!). They’re embracing their new found freedoms. Because they want to love the lives they want to lead. People aren’t one-dimensional. They want to work with companies and brands they love and they want to fulfill all their interests. That’s a big reason we created Jumpsuit. Here, we believe that when you love your life, you DO better work.

If we stand for anything as a company, it’s helping people build the life they love. Here’s to Jumpsuit’s crazy vision of building an entire business model around it. We talked to three resident Jumpsuiters about what they love to do and how Jumpsuit helps them do more of that. Here’s what they had to say:

Courtney Tsitouris, Creative Director

What do you love to do in your work at Jumpsuit?

I’m happiest when I’m workshopping big ideas, creating new concepts and building campaigns. And I love creating frameworks for our teams so that they have the space and structure to surprise themselves.

What do you love to do when you’re not at Jumpsuit?

I’m currently raising two boys, cruising around on our electric bikes, teaching myself guitar chords and obsessing over comedy podcasts.

How does Jumpsuit empower you to do whatever you want to do?

Our business model is built around people. So if there’s something special you do and it adds value to clients, Jumpsuit will invent a role for you to do it. We’re not trying to imitate another agency. In fact, authenticity is one of our core values because when you bring you, you bring original thinking.

Aubry Bracco, Engagement Director (also, former Survivor player):

What do you love to do in your work at Jumpsuit?

Jumpsuit is an organization where you are free to unabashedly be yourself! Are you a trapeze artist on the side? Amazing! Are you a mom? That's awesome - we can work with you to find that balance. Do you run a side hustle farm stand (my dream)? That's acceptable too. The coolest part is our CEO Nicole Ayres will chat about your goals and work to help you make them happen. Jumpsuit is truly a special space with special humans. It's such a gift to show up with encouragement to be your weird and wacky self each day. Nicole and our team understand the power of authenticity like no other.

What do you love to do when you’re not at Jumpsuit?

I am a sucker for tending to my 85 houseplants, rockhounding with my boyfriend and exploring new places.

How does Jumpsuit empower you to do whatever you want to do?

Jumpsuit allows me to pursue my hobbies, find balance and prioritize self-care (which isn't always easy... did anyone else have an especially hard time with that in pandemic times?!). AND do KICKASS work at the same time. Perhaps the coolest thing about Jumpsuit is that Nicole and team realize that by making space for the other parts of me, I am a better me when I show up to get down to business and do the work. It's such a blessing to have humans in my corner that understand how sacred balance is.

Chris White, Director of Product

What do you love to do in your work at Jumpsuit?

I love to bring people together around a common goal of business growth and challenging convention.

What do you love to do when you’re not at Jumpsuit?

Spending more time with my family, spending time outside, collecting art and researching new technologies.

How does Jumpsuit empower you to do whatever you want to do?

Jumpsuit has allowed me to find my own niche of service based on the things I LOVE to do, not just the things I CAN do.

What if you could build a life you love? What if you could make money from it? What if…

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