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Five branding tips you can just go ahead and steal from us

We know you're busy, so we'll get right to it. Five branding principles that every business should implement:

  1. Make your name mean something. For us, we wanted Jumpsuit to embody both an idea and an identity. In 2018, before the world changed, we found ourselves fascinated with the trend of top talent leaving the workforce to go out on their own. We called that "taking the jump." This gave us the opportunity to not only lean into this story, but also create a community of Jumpsuiters who deeply identified with this sentiment – and this plot.

  2. Make your logo mean something. Strong brands are intentional about everything they do. They create meaningful moments across every touchpoint and give people an archive of stories to tell. When you look at our logos, you'll see a version with a circle that looks like a target – or in our case – a landing page. When someone takes the jump (whether they're a collaborator or a client), we wanted to give them a sense of confidence that we have your goal in mind and we'll do what it takes to get you there. In the version where you only see the upper half, this is an acknowledgment that we can't take the brave leap for you. But we can be the parachute that makes you feel safe and confident when you do.

  3. Provoke emotion with your visual identity. We're not expecting you to create a logo that makes people cry. But it should stand out enough that it causes some sort of pause and reflection. Does your logo make someone feel curious? Clever? Does it reflect some sort of vibe? For example, our colors pop against every other logo on LinkedIN. We're a creative agency. We should stand out so colorfully.

  4. Remember, your visual identity is more than your logo, colors, or watermark. When we were blowing this out for ourselves, we started with the question: "Who are all the courageous people in the world who rocked a jumpsuit?" This led us to folks like Evil Kenevil. Rosie the Riveter. Even astronauts. This allowed us to build an entire world including visuals like racing stripes and outer space. It also led us to really playful activations of "Jumpsuiting" our team and our clients, where we'd photoshop their heads onto a body rocking a jumpsuit. One year, we even turned our clients into giant Jumpsuited magnets. They loved it. Obviously.

5. Tell a good brand story. The amount of companies who spend five to six figures on branding and then SKIP branded content completely blows my mind. This is your chance to take all of that hard work and bring it to life in the most accessible and inspirational way. A brand video is not a product explainer video. It's higher level. Aspirational. It should help your audience GET you. Not necessarily BUY you. That part comes later.

  • Brand videos can feel like your brand manifesto brought to life, like this one:

  • Brand videos can be a founder story, like this one:

  • Brand videos can even be tailored to a specific audience (such as clients or your team), like this one:

For those of you looking to hop into a brand refresh, here's the exact process we use to do it. Feel free to reach out if we can help. Explore the entire process, here:

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