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Creative Solutions for HR in 2022

Yeah, *actual* solutions.

Hey there, HR Team.

Yes, we’re talking to you. We know you all have a lot on your plate right now. Like, it seems everyone’s quit. Taken off, flown the coop. This should mean that there are lots of people looking for new jobs. Your job should be easier.

But, really, is it? Yeah, no. It's more like... where’d everybody go?

This is not just you. Everyone’s struggling to hire right now. It’s a bit confusing. Don’t people still need to be earning money? Why can’t we find the people to fill these positions?

Maybe the roles don’t seem so appealing for the filling these days. It’s a competitive hiring landscape, and no one wants to settle for a mediocre job with adequate pay. They’re seeking something more impressive, something more enticing, something sparkly. People don’t want something safe; they want something interesting.

They want a good match.

This puts you in the curious position where you can’t just post a job listing and wait for the applications to come pouring in. You’ve got to sell yourself, promote your brand, make the job you’re hiring for seem cool. Amidst so many available job listings, pings from recruiters, and LinkedIn email alerts, your company needs to stand out if you’re going to find a bona fide, reliable, and talented new hire to bring on board. Someone who will presumably benefit your company as a whole and actually stay onboard as a productive team member.

We know that most companies don’t much consider marketing for HR. They don’t have the budget or the time. But here’s the thing: you don't just need to hire people. You need to hire good people. And you needed to hire them… yesterday.

The hiring process can be arduous. At the end of the day, it’s a huge annoyance, but one that is completely necessary. After all, you need employees.

What if we said we could help you with that?

At Jumpsuit, we’ve got an arsenal of marketing professionals on hand that help big brands (and small ones!) come up with creative solutions from branding to advertising to more. So why not take our skill set and apply it to your company’s hiring practices?

We are brand consultants. So trust us when we say that the way your company brands itself matters. A lot.

If you want your job posts to attract the right people, you need to make your company’s culture enticing. You can’t just throw up a generic post peppered with clever industry buzzwords, boasting a dog friendly office with ping pong tables and free IPAs.

You want potential candidates to read your job listing and immediately get FOMO because they don’t already work for you. If you’re going to engage smart and interesting prospects, you’ve got to convince them you’ve got something special to offer them.

Ask yourself: who is your audience? What are they after? Or, more importantly: Who are you and what’re you after?

And according to our Director of Product Chris White, “People don’t want to work for bullshit companies doing stupid stuff.” So you’ve got to sell yourself to your potential hires. It’s a two-way street, and y’all better get your car detailed.

But, hold up a minute. Have you considered you might not actually need someone to fill that job?

While we’ve got your attention, let us float a different idea by you:

Maybe instead of hiring one person for this role, you hire an entire agency. Take that salary you were about to offer to one individual with very specific expertise and qualifications. Instead, put it towards a whole agency made up of savvy, adaptable, and already vetted freelancers. An agency that can take on the role of that specific person you had in mind and do the job better, more efficiently, and with more creativity and gusto than you could’ve ever hoped for from one individual.

It’s hard enough to find any one person who is proficient in any one thing. So maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Out with monogamy! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by hiring just one egg. Instead, get an entire basket of eggs for the same price as that one egg.

And, at the risk of our metaphor going completely off the rails here, that basket can actually contain a blessing of unicorns — and those unicorns are us. Jumpsuit’s crew is a curated dream team of agile and independent writers, designers, producers, creative directors, social media gurus, KPI crushers, developers, algorithm beaters, hand holders, survivalists, and stand-up comedians. We are the future of this industry, and possibly probably the future of that position you need to fill.

TL;DR: We want to help your HR department. We’ve got lots of ideas and inventive concepts regarding how you might better brand your company through HR hiring practices to attract the perfect talent to fill that role. At the same time, maybe that perfect talent is actually just us.

Stay tuned as our Creative Solutions for HR series rolls out, providing you with more of our madcap, futuristic thoughts on better and more interesting hiring practices.

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