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Are you an expert startup or agency freelancer looking to collaborate?


Hi. We're Jumpsuit.


We connect you to brands.

Jumpsuit is an agency that works with big brands and startups. Our mission is to build lean, dream teams to support our clients and their goals. If you have expertise – we want to hear about it. We might be able to be a strong pipeline of opportunities for you.

We give you a team.

Jumpsuit is not a freelance broker like Fiverr or Upwork. We're an agency that works together on projects as a team, which is super rad, because it means more opportunities to learn and grow. It's also a lot less lonely working for yourself when you can do it with others.

We help you build your own business.

You're still a free agent when you work with Jumpsuit. Not only can you work with other agencies or your own clients, you can bring opportunities that you'd normally say "no" to back to Jumpsuit. We all know the feeling of not having the bandwidth to take on a new project or losing an opportunity because you can't do the whole thing end-to-end. That sucks. But at least now when you have to say no,  you have an option to make commission by bringing the lead to Jumpsuit – and feel good about providing jobs for others just like you.

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