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A Household Name

Some agencies only take sexy work. Us? If it means helping our clients succeed, we'll scrub toilets. Literally.



Imagine a brand that was once an Emmy award-winning TV show, pivoting to become a product line, and pivoting, once again, with the aspiration of becoming the #1 expert in cleaning. Now, imagine the impact of all those pivots on SEO.

But, in order to be perceived as an expert in... well, anything... it's pretty dang important that you show up high in search.

So, that was our challenge. Take this brand and make it the #1 expert in cleaning. The strategy? Start with search.


A strong SEO strategy goes a long way. After identifying search opportunities across an entire CPG category, we created a content calendar around search volume and relevancy. Once we had our plan, we sprinted to create 21 articles, 13 videos, and 72 images in only a few weeks – all optimized for search and for people. We supported this content with Google Ads and Pinterest pins. After 6 months, we optimized any underperforming content by tweaking titles, adding videos, adjusting keywords, formatting, content, all of it. 

Because that's the thing about SEO. It's not a one and done thing.


Almost immediately, we saw an increase in organic traffic as several pieces of content started ranking on Google page one. Position one. We had a big win with YouTube video content generating 15k organic views in only 5 days after posting. And, perhaps our favorite anecdote was when our client became "a household name" at Pinterest for the lowest CPCs Pinterest has ever seen.

how'd we make so much content so fast?


Check out Jumpsuit's approach to Content at Scale.


"You've officially become a household name at Pinterest for the lowest CPCs we've ever seen."

- Official Pinterest Rep

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